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Welcome to SylverPhoenyx09’s Unoffical Guide to Fallout 76!

Welcome to Appalachia Ressies! Ready to rebuild America? Find those nuke codes? Maybe your just here  for the PvP. Whatever your fancy this guide is a composite of all available information about Fallout 76. All though not complete content is added every day. So check back often!

***Disclaimer! I am in no way associated with Bethesda Studios or the Fallout franchise. As such I claim no responsibility for the artistic work or game content. In other words all game content belongs to Bethesda Studios and the Fallout franchise.***

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     My thought on Fallout 76 and official Bethesda news and information.

     All things C.A.M.P. and Workshop building.

     Information on all human and robot characters.

     All clothing and armor by slot. 

     Organized by Zone: Ash Heap, Cranberry Bogs, The Forest, The Mire, Toxic Valley, & Savage Divide

     Sorted by SPECIALs

     Sorted by Workbench

Status Effects
     Disease, Effects, & Mutations

Terminal Entries

     By type

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